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On April 15, 1997, the University of the Philippines College of Medicine (UPCM) Class of 1997 met for the last time – to march as a class, clad in their black and green togas, and receive their hard-earned diploma. No longer were they medical students after that memorable day. They were now bright-eyed young doctors ready to take on the medical world. 

Before that day, though, they were bright-eyed medical students who stood in front of Lady Med before entering  the hallowed halls of the college. Each one fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator, each one brimming with hopes and aspirations… and anxiety and fear. 

In the 5 years of medical school, the uniqueness of each member of the class was brought to the fore. Some shone in academics, some in the arts, some in the service of others, and some in extra-curricular activities. No matter what it may be, they just shone. And brilliantly, at that, because each member had something to offer that made being a member of Class ‘97 9loriously fun and 7ruly special. Who else can lay claim to these memories but ‘97? 

Suddenly breaking into a Bee Gees classic sung with beautiful harmony, sleeping discreetly while standing up, snoring resoundly during class, speaking with a Brit accent while delivering a report, perfectly recreating Tom Cruise’s visual in The Firm movie poster, cracking the class up with the greenest humor yet still appearing innocent Impromptu jams in between classes, clock time off for foodie trips around the Metro, coming in hungover but still managing to pass exams (some acing them, even), conjuring the darndest mnemonics, mesmerizing you with perfectly traced biochemical pathways, outshining every Lakambini there was, taking crazy pride over winning 3rd place in TRP, and shaking up a whole basic science department for an alleged “crime”.

After that memorable day, the class members went their separate ways. Most pursued their medical professions, some pursued careers in science, some in arts, and a few courageously took roads not chosen. Even as the members led separate lives, there’s always that invisible red thread that links us all as family. Each brought with them the class’ own brand of ‘9aling at 7alino’ – the perfect balance of brilliance and oddity. Years may pass but nothing can erase or surpass the shared memories that have become the foundation of Class ‘97’s enduring friendship and unity.


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The Continuing Medical Education (CME) committee assembles learning activities, in line with the UPCM goal of promoting academic excellence and sharing this with the rest the local medical community and abroad. Delivered through in-person and virtual platforms, these activities cover a variety of relevant topics ranging from general, subspecialty and pandemic-related medical conditions to non-medical themes that have an impact on health care professional’s personal health and clinical practice. The committee organizes webinars, grand scientific symposia and postgraduate courses to animate these topics, delivered by top-notch speakers who are graduates of UPCM.

For the year 2021, the webinars, held every last thursday of the month at 12-1pm through the UPM-IMS platform, focus on wellness and prevention during the pandemic and beyond. Various organ systems and common conditions are highlighted from various specialties (ORL, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Adult Medicine/IDS, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics-Gynecology), underscoring basic treatment and practical ways on how to prevent its occurrence and maintain a status of well being. Here is a run down the webinar topics presented since April:

1. A HEARculean Task: A Call for Awareness of Hearing Disability (April 22, Dr. Erasmo Gonzalo Llanes)

2. Childhood Pneumonia for the Generalist: Must Know’s and Can Do’s (April 29, Dr. Ma. Cecilia Alinea)

3. Stress Management for MDs Amidst Covid Times (May 27, Dr. Carlo Banaag)

4. Multi-resistant Pathogens and Their Effect on Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Management (July 1, Dr. Edsel Maurice Salvana)

5. All’s Well that Doesn’t Swell: Keeping up with Kidney Care (July 29, Dr. Arni Magdamo)

6. Sight Saving Month: Let’s See What EYE Can Do (The Epidemiology of Blurring of Vision) (August 26, Drs. Rainier Victor Covar, Arnel De Jesus and Jeanne Haidee Mah-Sadorra)

7. When the Bug Hits and the Drug Fits: Antibiotic Stewardship Amidst the Pandemic and Beyond (September 20, Dr. Cybele Abad)

8. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (November 25, Dr. Brenda Bautista-Zamora)

The postgraduate course for 2021 focuses on the Metabolic Syndrome which is a rapidly-growing public health concern in the recent years. Entitled “METabolic Syndrome: The Silent Pandemic,” the course aims to discuss the causes of the syndrome and its impact on overall health; underscore its various outcomes; discuss screening measures for its diagnosis; develop treatment strategies based on patient needs; and formulate preventive measures starting from early childhood to adult life. Topics include the epidemiology of metabolic syndrome in the global and local scene; general screening in primary health care; cardiac, endocrinology and gynecologic manifestations of the syndrome and their management; primary prevention through lifestyle modification and cutting edge treatment through bariatric surgery.

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In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, Rommel, a New York based artist painted 10 artworks. They are a mix of water color art and acrylic art in water color paper and canvas. His inspiration is the thousands of medical and healthcare frontliners risking their own lives to save the lives of millions battling the disease.
Known for his modern art, Rommel painted colorful strokes in palettes of orange, pinks and blues. Framed in hot pink and yellow backgrounds are the frontliner characters wearing PPE’s. These subjects are holding covid vaccines, smiling despite this very challenging and unprecendented healthcare war against this covid-19 nasty virus. To share his creation to more people, he exclusively converted these artworks to wearable art – shirts, bags and tapestries for UP College of Medicine Class 1997 who will be celebrating its Silver Jubilee in 2022.
Rommel aims to motivate, inspire and pay respect to these heroes who give hope to everyone.

Wearable Art by Rommel Rico

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