Samurai Warriors 2


Kneeling Archer
Brass on Stainless Steel
18h x 14 w x 13″ D

Like the guardians of old, the samurai stand and keep watch over those that they serve and protect. They are ready to fight and to wage a war against the
enemy. Bravery, honor, kindness and loyalty are at the heart of the samurai spirit. One might ask if they still exist but in reality, they still do. They have not disappeared over time for they are among us — our modern heroes are the frontliners who bravely do battle with the unseen enemy, COVID19. The warrior spirit still lives on in them.

With what is happening in the world right now, it is quite appropriate that Class 1997 chose to showcase the samurai. These limited edition pieces embody what these fierce warriors stand for. Magnificent in their stance, they are definitely a conversation starter.

For the discerning collector, the samurai are also available in larger than life versions. Inquiries regarding these may be made directly to the artist.

Help us keep the samurai spirit alive, channel the warrior inside you.

Sculptures by Richard Buxani
Text by Dr Cecilia Franco-Cabrera